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Nascenta is a nonprofit organization that runs diversity workshops based on a methodology developed by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) to address the challenges in post-Apartheid South Africa. The methodology behind the workshop garnered IJR the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. Nascenta’s proprietary lesson structures have been honed to be modular and dynamic, while building a deeper understanding of prejudices that drive decision-making and relationships.

Nascenta's methods have been effective for students and organizations in the US, adapted to focus on local challenges as well as broader global trends. With a proven history, we've consistently updated and integrated the most useful and impact-driven structures. Through team-building techniques and open, nonjudgmental discussions, the Nascenta program cultivates a safe environment while teaching people how to understand their own inherent biases and overcome them. 

With a robust methodology that deals with diversity across different categories, we have been at the forefront of delivering flexible, feedback-oriented training that addresses inherent biases.



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