“What I liked about Nascenta is that it wasn’t just a one-off experience. It’s something that stuck with me and I kept thinking about it long after.”

Alumni Access

Our workshops aren’t about a once-off educational experience. We continue the relationship with participants as they carry their lesson and experience into the rest of their lives through continued communication and ongoing support. We support alumni where we can in either spreading our message to areas that they believe need it, or assisting them in their own diversity projects. The best way to fight against unjust outlook and judgement is by keeping people linked to people who are different from them, ensuring that communication and understanding build over time. We aim to build friendships among participants, and also build relationships among the organizations that we partner or get involved with.

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Nascenta runs a tight ship; every cent raised goes directly to help running our programs. We provide copies of our full audits for sponsors or interested parties. We rely on support in four ways:

If you can help us with any of these categories, please contact us. Apart from supporting a good cause, there are two benefits of sponsorship: advertising to our community and free workshops for your firm. It’s a win-win for partners: your employees benefit from our training and materials, and in return, we’re able to hold more workshops and multiply the diversity effect.

Nascenta Ltd. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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